Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Frank Questions???

1. Do you think the monster had other realistic options for dealing with his feelings of isolation and anger? Yes i think he had options, he is able to do what humans do so he could talk about his felings.

2. Up until this point there has been much "coincidence" that has lead the monster to Victor, for example, his finding Victor’s journal and happening to run into William in the woods. Mary Shelley has been criticized for relying too much on coincidence to advance the plot of this novel. Do you agree or disagree with this criticism? Explain your opinion. Yes and no there are some coincidences in the book but you can tack any thing realy as a coincidence realy.

3. Do you think Victor will comply with the monster’s request? Why or why not?
No i do not think victor will becaus he does not want to mack the same mistack twice.
4. Do you think Victor should comply with the monster’s request? Why or why not?
no i think it would creat more problems.

5. Do you think the monster is guilty of murder? Why or why not.
Yes he is guilty becaus he murdered wiliam.
6. Do you think that Victor is partly responsible for William’s death? If no, why not. If yes, what should be his punishment?
yes becaus he created the monster and if he dident william would be alive.
7. At this point in the book, do you think the monster is truly a monster? Explain your answer.
Yes becaus he has become a murder.
8. Do you excuse any of the monster’s actions because he was neglected by Victor and treated in such a cruel manner by other humans?
No there is no good reson to tack an innicont life.
9. Would you excuse another human being for his or her violent actions because he or she was previously neglected, abused, bullied or otherwise victimized? Why or why not.
No i would not.
10. Do you think that Mary Shelley intended this novel to be critical of mankind’s scientific advancements? What kind of a statement do you believe she might be making?
no i do not think she did. i think she just tried to wright a good book.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Clone Wars

Cloning is a very touchy topic. we clone some animls but that not the big concern. the big one is cloing humans. It would be a great tool for people how need new organs just mack a new heart or a new liver. but some people think it is to close to playing god. but if you colud save a life than isint it worth it? As for cloning fully grown people it may be a little to much playing god. it might creat a problem with citizen ship wether or not they should have the same rights as us wethere or not they are even human. conling will always be a WAR!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frankenstein have you ever

Have you ever lost some one you loved? when i was about five i got my first dog jake. he was awsome me and him were like two peas in a pod. we would play tag and run around the back yard together. but he all ways had a problem with geting out the gate. he would leave and not come back for a few days the last time he ran out the gate to go bark at the dog next street but he got hit by a car i ran into the street to see if he was ok but he was hurt bad. I ran up to the car and started yelling at the guy and broke his mirror and call him an a$% hole. that was the firts person i lost.

Have you ever felt so angry you wanted revenge? Yes i have when i was little i would not want to do my home work so my mom would get mad and put me in time out. so i would go into there room and pour water on there bed. i dont know why i used water but i felt bettere after i did it.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


With the new president being sworn in at the inauguration many people may have questions about what the president is going to do about the economy. And if it will be different than any other presidency. Personley i do not think that the race of are prisident matters at all. so may diss agree but when you break it down when the new prisident oboma macks a dession it not going to be decided becaus he is black. that has nothing to do whit what he is doing. i belive the people of america voted for him becaus they belive he is the best choice for america. not becaus of his race.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Longest trip.

I have been on many road trips in my life but recently i whent on a road trip with two of my friends. It was my first time driving a long distance with out my parents. we drove to sanfran and it was a very intresting drive. Geting there was easy but once i got into the city it was not so easy. all the dtreets are one way and i did even know where the building i was looking for was. but after driving around for a half hour i finaly found the place. now geting out was hard enough but on top of that it was late and i was going in the wrong direction. but after geting back on track and getting on the freeway we finaly madeit home. Barley!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sir Gawin and Ragnell

Narrator: One day King Arthur went hunting in the forest with his servants, and soon they became separated. All of a sudden he found that his body was frozen and he could not move a muscle. A figure dressed in pitch-black armor approached him, saying,

Gromer: "Arthur, I have you in my power. You have wrongfully given my lands to Sir Gawain and for that, you will die unless you find the answer to a question I put to you."

Narrator: Arthur found that he could speak and asked,

King Arthur: "Who are you, and what is this question you wish me to answer?"

Gromer: "I am Gromer Somer Joure. If you would win your life, return here in twelve months with an answer to this question: What is it that every woman desires most?"

Narrator: than he was gone and the King found that he could move freely again.

Narrator: Once back to the court sir Gawain approached King Arthur and asks

Sir Gawain: “King Arthur what had happened in the woods”

Narrator: King Arthur told Gawain of what had happened to him in the forest. And sir Gawain replied with saying

Sir Gawain: “than I proposed that they ride and ask every woman they found what she most desires and collect the answers in a book.”

Narrator: They set out and asked women what they desired and soon they had a huge book of answers. But as many as they had found, they were still uneasy that any of the answers they had were the true one.

Narrator: Shortly before the King had to meet with Gromer Somer Joure, he rode again through the forest and had come across a hideously ugly woman, one who not only looked terrible with a foot-long dripping nose, donkey ears, and a gaping mouth with yellow teeth, but one who also smelled terribly. She stopped King Arthur saying

Dame Ragnell: “I have the right answer to your riddle that could save your life, but you have to agree to my terms to get the right answer” and could save his life, if he agreed to her terms.

King Arthur: “what are your terms?”

Dame Ragnell: "I am Dame Ragnell and I want to marry one of your most noble knights, Sir Gawain."

King Arthur: in a horrified voice “I can not promise you sir Gawain with out his consent and than I will return to you with his answer”

Narrator: He returned and explained the situation to Gawain. Without hesitation,

Gawain: “I will agree to marry her.”

Narrator: Arthur returned to the forest where Ragnell was waiting.

King Arthur: “Gawain has agreed to marry you but only if your answer is the one, but if one of the others we have collected is the one, the deal is off.”

Narrator: Satisfied with this, she gave Arthur the answer.

Narrator: On the appointed day, Arthur rode to meet with Gromer Somer Joure. Gromer appeared suddenly,

Gromer: “where is my answer to my question?”

Narrator: Arthur gave him the book with the answers they collected. Gromer looked it over,

Gromer: (Laugh in a deep laugh) “to prepare to die”.

King Arthur: "Wait, I have one more answer,"

Narrator: and Arthur gave him the answer

Gromer: (roared in frustration!) "Only my sister could have told you that! Go where you will, King Arthur, I will bother you no more."

Narrator: So Arthur returned to Ragnell and brought her back with him.

Dame Ragnell: I demanded to be married publicly and to have a great feast with all the nobles attending.”

Narrator: She was decked out in the most costly of dresses, but her manners repulsed everyone there. She ate great volumes of food with loud slurps and belches, food sometimes running down her chin.

Narrator: At last the wedding feast was over, and the couple led to their chamber. There Gawain gazed at the fire, reluctant to touch his bride, until she requested

Dame Ragnell: “kiss me Sir Gawain”.

Narrator: Bravely, he did so, only to find a most radiant woman in his arms. He stared speechless in wonder and, finally finding his words, ask

Sir Gawain: (shocked) “how could this be?”

Dame Ragnall: “My own brother, Gromer Somer Jure, had placed a spell on me which could only be broken if the best knight in the world had the courage to marry and kiss me”

Dame Ragnell: "I have waited in that shape until I found a man gentle enough to marry me. Now I offer you a choice: I can be fair by night and foul by day; or foul by night and fair by day. Decide which you want."

Narrator: Gawain thought for a while, thinking about the events that had lead to this moment, and then it came to him the answer he must give.

Sir Gawain: "I cannot make such a choice; that is for you to decide."

Dame Ragnell: "My lord, you are as wise as you are noble and true, for you have given me what every woman genuinely desires, sovereignty over herself. You will never see that hideous old hag again, for I choose to be fair from this time on."

Dame Ragnell: “You have discovered the solution to my brother’s riddle, which the greatest wish of all women is to be able to make their own decisions.”

Narrator: The gentle lady lived only five years with Gawain, and he mourned her death for the rest of his life.


1. ____ What happens to King Arthur in the forest and who is talking to him?
2. ____ What was he asked to answer in twelve months?
3. ____ What was wrong with the women that wanted to marry the knight Gawain?
4. ____ What was the deal made between Dame Ragnell and King Arthur?
5. ____ What was the answer to the riddle?
6. ____ What did Ragnell demand for the wedding?
7. ____ What happened to her once Gawain kissed her, and why did this happen?
8. ____ Gawain was given a choice to make, what was it and what was his answer?
9. ____ What did Ragnell decide to pick?
10. ____ How long did she live with Gawain before she died?

A. What is it that every woman desires most?

B. That they were married publicly and to have a great feast with all the nobles attending

C. That she would give him the answer in return of Gawain as a husband. If the answer is right they will marry if the answer is wrong the deal is off

D. He found that his body was quite frozen and he could not move a muscle. Gromer Somer Joure

E. Sovereignty, to rule their lives as they see fit, and make their own decisions

F. She picked to be fair

G. She lived for five years

H. She turned in a radiant woman, he brother had placed a spell on her which could only be broken if the best knight in the world had the courage to marry and kiss her.

I. I can be fair by night and foul by day; or foul by night and fair by day. He could not make such a choice and had her decide

J. She was ugly, foot-long dripping nose, donkey ears, and a gaping mouth with yellow teeth, and also smelled terribly

1. D
2. A
3. J
4. C
5. E
6. B
7. H
8. I
9. H
10. G

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Senior reflection topics

When you did the visualization of your funeral, how did you want to be remembered? What are some of the qualities or values that are important to you?When i saw my funeral i want people to not be so sad. I know that's what all people say but its the truth. i want people to remember me for what was most important to me. helping others and making people laugh. i think its important to ask people what they want at there funeral. My mom has all ready told me what she wants. she wants me and my family to go to Coosbay stand on top of the biggest sand dune and smoke a Cuban cigar.

During our discussion about “Circle of Influences” What were some of the important influences, events and people, in your life as you were growing up? How did these influences impact you and help shape you into the person that you are today?Some of the most influential people in my life are my family. they have all ways been there for me. they have had a huge impact on my life. all of my family events were awesome. I have some of the best times of my life when aim just camping or going to the lake with my family.

Many of you wrote a letter to dream when you were a freshman. What was your reaction when you had the opportunity to read this letter again? Have your dreams or plans changed? What are some of your thoughts and feelings about your next step into the future? well i did not Wright a letter to my self freshman year but i can remember what i was thinking about. and it is nothing close to what i want to be now. i used to think that i was going to go to college in Michigan and play collage basketball. but i got kind of burnt out on it. its funny because if you had told me freshman year that my Senior year i would want to move to Oregon and become a teacher or a Sheff i would have laugh my self to death. funny how people change?